Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver (ADW) Program

Mountaineer Home Care Services LLC

Mountaineer Home Care Services LLC participates in the Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver (ADW) Program, which is operated by the Bureau for Medical Services in West Virginia. This program is designed to provide a wide range of in-home personal care services for seniors, as well as certain individuals with disabilities over the age of 18, who are both financially and medically eligible. As an alternative to long-term care in a nursing facility, this program offers an excellent opportunity for eligible seniors to remain independent in their own homes and communities while receiving quality care that enhances physical and emotional well-being. Services must be ordered by your primary care physician due to a physical and/or mental impairment that warrants a nursing home level of care (which can be, instead, provided at home).

Certain disabled adults (as determined by the Social Security Administration) may also be eligible without requiring a “nursing home level of care.”

Apply for the Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver Program through the Bureau for Medical Services Department at the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources or via inRoads.

Long-Term Care & Nursing Home Alternative Services

As a long-term care/nursing home alternative, the Medicaid Waiver program provides eligible participants with the means to maximize their choices, independence, dignity, and integration in the community. Services provided are not limited to personal care. They may also include Homemaker Services and transportation, as well.

Financial Eligibility and Maximum Monthly Income

For 2019, a single applicant may have a monthly income set at 300% of the Federal Benefit Rate ($2,313). If only one spouse in a married relationship is applying for care, the applicant is able to transfer a portion of income (up to $3,160.50 per month) to cover the living expenses of the non-applicant “community spouse” and remain financially eligible.

Single applicants cannot have countable resources (assets) in excess of $2,000. The resident’s home (up to $585,000), vehicle, wedding ring, home furnishings, and some other items are excluded from this calculation. The community spouse can claim up to $126,420 of joint assets as his or her own for exclusion from this calculation.

*Note: A 60-month “look-back period” applies. If any major assets have been transferred at less than market value during this period, you may be ineligible for up to five years from the date of transfer.

Over the Limit? You May Still Be Eligible

Those who have assets over these limits may still be eligible through West Virginia’s Medically Needy Program if medical costs consume most of the individual’s monthly income (leaving no more than $209 left per month in available income). Another option is hiring a West Virginia Medicaid Planner, Eldercare Resource Planner, Elder Law Attorney, or another financial service professional who can work with you to re-adjust financial holdings to exempt status and transfer excess income into trusts. There is almost always a way for you to access the care you need –and protect the resources you worked so hard to enjoy in your golden years. Learn more here.

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